Clear Quartz And Copper Wrapped Necklaces

Clear Quartz And Copper Wrapped Necklaces

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Handmade necklaces Blessed and Cleansed by selenite and love! 

Small and Large crystals available! Keep in mind I use natural Crystals may vary in shape and size! Use picture above as reference! 

Clear Quartz Has been gifted the name “ the master healer”.
This Gem is a Incredibly powerful stone that can be used when working with any chakra.
Clear Quartz Helps with clarity of the mind, soul and body.
It can also help magnify and charge other crystals.

~ Copper stimulates the brain helping cognitive function.
~ Copper is a energy and immunity booster.
~ Improves overall blood health and cardiovascular health.
~ Copper helps with the absorption of iron, helps produce melanin and can decrease inflammation.
~ Copper can ease over emotional states and aid in the release and grounding of internal emotional and nervous pressure.
~ Wearing Copper has an abundant amount of physical and spiritual healing benefits.

Strung on 20” Copper Curb Chain.

To keep your jewelry in divine condition try avoid getting it wet, always take you pieces off when showering, bathing and swimming.
Always be kind to your jewelry! Being gentle will lead to a long life for your pieces.
Because of Coppers natural oxidation process your jewelry will change its coloring over time. I do use a natural sealant to prolong that process. Also copper reacts to the body's PH, so if the Copper is changing its color try balancing you PH. Copper really is magical!